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Post  fidop on Mon Feb 14, 2011 11:27 pm

Inter lose http://www.coachoutletstore-sale.com this game, and leaders AC milan's gap widening to eight points and be, but leonardo said: "I think the game did not change what thing, just think about the past few weeks record can understand this truth, inter previously made a series of victory, coach purses on Wednesday, and we will have a new win ball. Distance to the end of the season and a lot of games."Inter milan magnate branca coach bags sale rinaldo's viewpoint close, "nothing to say, this match inter bad luck, match China meters encountered difficulties in miss a few good chance after lost the game, and that's it. But the coach handbags sale did not change anything, inter through more than a fantastic win the title ranks, return to milan, after today there are many important coach shoes, there are a few points to take."Inter will on Thursday morning against fiorentina, due to the game's original game time should be at the winter break before, so new signings coach wallet play became the question, in January, pull JiYa yard-out deep Enoch, but this is not required but branca said new signings can play, he gucci outlet a special mention for long friendly youan all, "I to long friendly youan are very confident, he has blended in a team, is an important supplement team, no doubt, he can gucci bags outlet online like other new signings that fiorentina."

Similarly, gucci shoes don't think the game will decide the final league title belongs, on the contrary, he thought that after three days and fiorentina game is inter crossroad, "we know that at fiorentina game will decide the title." Care about huge 25 wheel Juventus - inter focus in the war, gucci sunglasses on the home of the bianconeri relies on new signings matt in three games in recently the third goal, 1 goal inter scored the second gucci belt of the season in Italy Derby. After the game, juve coach delneri media also when exhaling eyebrow, praised juve players competitive spirit.The game Juventus player on the pitch extremely gucci wallet, showed unusual spirit of sacrifice, with that of January juve player on the pitch empty-headed performance formed a sharp contrast, delneri also praised way: "air max 24-7 do on the pitch proof, we have strong will to fight and state. Now we must every weekend so play. The most important thing is that air max 2011 team must each match is like today maintain concentration."

With the usual, the air max 2012 Derby pre-war two teams also dozen have a spat, but delneri has no intention in his post-match continue muddied water, delneri made it clear that this game will not let him enjoy revenge inter's happy: "this is my revenge against inter? My role is to lead Juventus air max."Specifically address player performance, delneri explicitly pointed out that nearly two rounds show excellent state of winter new toryburchhut matt is looking for many years the kind of team player, "matt? We've been missing until it can before in the box score players, now we have."Meanwhile, delneri also pointed tiffanyjewelryonline that the returns from injury, substitute vincenzo iaquinta henceforth will also return to certain starter: "iaquinta just back from oakley sunglasses, he wants to contribute, his bench after maybe a little bit nervous, but I think he is an important player, once his body fully recovered, he will be back in a certain starter."Matt in the supra shoes goal from sorensen sent the winger cross, can see, this is delneri practice of a long tactical exercises, and delneri also, said that the team will continue to play in a wide role offense can spend more time: "chi ceramic iron


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