bianconeri superior to inter milan.

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bianconeri superior to inter milan.

Post  fidop on Mon Feb 14, 2011 11:26 pm

See, especially coach store online text game played extremely powerful. And January appeared in court that one disabled scarred and frazzled bianconeri PanRe two teams. Game, juve soldiers armed YongMing, even tall striker luca Toni is always a retreat to defend near the center circle, visible coach purses players closing down of sacrifice very seriously. For juve scored the winner matt, in the last 20 minutes, but also a runner-up adhere to combat the atttide exclamation.Juve full-court shot 12 times, only 1 times play is, but coach bags sale seize the opportunity, today's the bianconeri superior to inter milan. The foul number and offside, juve are below inter. Passing rate juve only 77%, far below the inter 86%. Juve cheap coach handbags is astonishing degree of only 34.4%, can say, the bianconeri lowered his attitude to the ai soldier posture, spelling down the inter coach shoes.Of course, from power point of view, that teams juve indeed than inter milan. But doubt, and accurate positioning is the bianconeri the key to success. Can say, Juventus copied the last coach wallet jose mourinho as against inter the set of practices to lure him deeply way defeated the nerazzurri.Throughout the match, juve maximum gucci outlet inter's attack. If not in the last minute team physically appear problem, the nerazzurri are afraid to achieve any good chances to score. Once in January was parma, udinese, Palermo dozen to a shadow of juve's defence, the game to play out the gucci bags outlet online top level, blocking the nerazzurri striker again and again efforts.

Since the juve return to gucci shoes a, every time juve at home when facing inter seem to the bianconeri always have good luck. Last season the goal after a deflection merlot, while the game before the end of the racing unexpectedly unconcioursly shoot eto 'o struck lintel pop-up, let a person have to gucci sunglasses...... may have fate doomed.The bianconeri beat inter, and maintain the at home to the nerazzurri 5 game 6 years unbeaten (10-11 gucci belt 25th wheel one-nil wins, 2009-10 season the 15th round victory, and therefore the 2008/09 season the 32nd round 1:1, 07-08 season flat 11th round draw flat, the 2005/06 6 round gucci wallet win). Let inter in juve's demotion five seasons how scenery, took many domestic and international trophies, but in juve's home, air max 24-7 nerazzurri never account for any cheaper. Mancini, jose mourinho and today's rinaldo, all can not breached the spell and the old lady in the face of rivals inter when intrepid, also air max 2011 the world swear a fact: juve spirit ever dies! Facing a troubled Juventus, inter but in Turin road suddenly stopped forward footstep. Beijing air max 2012 on February 14, Italian state at Derby, inter 0-1 defeat at Juventus, leonardo team over recent good momentum and has slowed pursued AC milan's footsteps, but air max saying after this loss never change inter's ambition.

"First-half game, inter toryburchhut to create chances very difficult because of the Juventus is excellent, juve team shape very good defense also is very stable, inter wants to tear juve's defence, very difficult. After the game, leonardo very clear in the inter game difficulties, he analysis way: "tiffanyjewelryonline half-time, inter performance better now and I request to forward but juve players defensive still very stable, and their counterattack so sharp. I saw inter very positive performance, especially in the second half of the match, I quite satisfied, but we have no in the opening minutes show ever rhythm and cheapsuprashoessale."Previously outstanding eto 'o and giampaolo pazzini composition, who did not strike to Juventus exert too much pressure, rinaldo said: "eto 'o performance: no problem, the main reason is the inter passing too chi ceramic iron, so striker get support is too little, originally I expect this problem arises on juve, but as you see it, juve's progress very obvious."


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