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chiellini physical good

Post  fidop on Mon Feb 14, 2011 11:25 pm

Although sneijder is on the left activities, gave eto 'o a lot of support, but aquilani and Andrea barzagli has always followed sneijder, so sneijder cannot give eto 'o more breakthrough.At inter on the right of the Juventus field claudio marchisio more toward coach purses depend, gave chiellini more forward runs down the wing for the opportunity, juve this play decrees maicon is not adapt, he often takes one enemy two, cheap coach bags this practice shows the delneri chiellini full-back position put great effort, and that is defensive play outside, chiellini physical good, good attack strengths, such coach handbags sale winger attack will again many a sharp weapon, at the same time as claudio marchisio can more close to central midfield attack, coach shoes sale the number has increased, in with inter doesn't fall against the wind.Reinspection to inter, motta, Hal jatti and cambiasso three defensive midfielder is difficult to juggle wide defense coach wallet, while giampaolo pazzini and eto 'o in the frontcourt and sneijder unreturnable also not enough, this is inter is the most important reason gucci outlet suppression.

The opening stages, gucci bags more left, and eto 'o seek near to cooperate, this leads to giampaolo pazzini was left behind in the center-right position while the right midfielder Hal jatti and appear more gucci shoes, dare not throw, so the first 20 minutes inter right very quiet. Since then, sneijder and eto 'o are deliberately to right flank, inter's right-wing gucci sunglasses with rich rise. But from the first-half twenty minutes later, inter has been insisting the offense, but right maicon play some drab, maicon will only a foot crosses, it is difficult to a gucci belt. And on the left, on the left, because eto 'o only cambiasso, also hard to form a very good effect. Until the end of the game, inter side finally created opportunity, regrettablly maicon cross, and eto 'o shot was beams gucci wallet.

Juventus on the offensive air max 24-7 with Tony for the fulcrum, insist on playing golf, due to the effect of traction, inter Tony two central defender cordoba and pull debbi JiYa unfinnished this to matt in created air max 2011 chances. Matt in arguably juve's greatest window, he can hold the ball can breakthrough can organize, still can shoot, is a very complete player, a air max 2012 like young alessandro del piero, just one last time was hurt by the ribs, performance declines. Another is worth mentioning sorensen, he in attacking ends are very, very good, mainly being eto 'o, without too much error, he also meet grams rasching's air max assists matt, but the second-half he had a bit-hop metric error, had been eto 'o scoring, should say sorensen is especially text game another toryburchhut, to time, will become wing-back another specialist. Juventus winning 1-0 Derby Italy! As Juventus defender chiellini said after the game, this was something that the bianconeri tiffany jewelry a year since the elated a victory of. Adversity of the bianconeri, in another lifetime rivals body get back long-lost angry, see post-match juve players celebrate picture will know, rout inter, relates to the whole sunglasses-us.

After each big media also supra shoes praise adversity operational Juventus. "The juve" with: "thank you! Court 11 lion!" Such a title to bless the bianconeri battlefield this crucial win. Indeed, as the media said: "Juventus players on the pitch is better than a thousand words", can be in such a moment in 34-23 upon the pleasant sensation, to get back to winning after suffering a bianconeri speaking is obviously a great comfort.


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