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Post  fidop on Mon Feb 14, 2011 11:22 pm

But in kasi sent on left lead to less one man's case, the whites withstood a severe test, After the game, le monde newspaper praise, real Madrid have the super ability to survive, the people, the whites against Spain, shows the fighter spirit, from "coach purses outlet " Dan to superstar cristiano ronaldo, including marcello such in the middle class -- are demonstrated his combat effectiveness. coach bags sale Madrid have 10 on hero, real Madrid have not felt the lack of number, in kasi and under ground, real Madrid di Mary like a wounded an animal angry. Real Madrid have played coach handbags sale deep, Spanish people all bewildered. Real Madrid constantly impress, put the accelerator soles, not looking for any excuse, also coach shoes sale feel tired. Mourinho can for his proud of them, the Portuguese coach marcello after scoring in a rare smiled, in watch anxious to hear the final whistle in the referee, mourinho is coach wallet the fist waving her arms, show the victory of satisfaction. Obviously, not 1 0 victory, but the victory behind shown by the dogged and steel, is guccioutlet-mall his own disciples thanked the real reason why.

Mourinho is very gucci bags at in less a rival break, and against real Madrid for field, one is not a nightmare and less than 4 games recently in 0 0 under the condition of a man sent off game, real Madrid have gucci shoes on to win. In fact the past few seasons, real Madrid many times in one or two less win a game without victory, the whites to showcase their gucci sunglasses outlet to win in adversity. Some have even joked that, if for osasuna game and referee decisions under real Madrid man should be much good, that real Madrid would not loss to the gucci belt.

After the game, gucci wallet Madrid for team find new soldiers with hemorrhagic morale proud, and they all said: "we enjoy most is the team spirit, personal behavior will have wave motion, but real Madrid air max 24-7 has been here, especially when the team must dilemma, the importance of this spirit will be displayed. Real Madrid that there are still many air max 2011 to go, but the team has found seven points behind the Barcelona idle all hope of consumption with confidence, next, real Madrid would not give up the opportunity to Barcelona cause air max 2012. Because real Madrid players in adversity that amazing fighting broke out on the road, real Madrid to take all three points and avoid a team was air max greater crisis and panic.

Now, real Madrid, toryburchhut five points behind this had to let a person remember the fabio capello last coach real scene. In February 2007, real Madrid champions league bayern out of 13 rounds of remaining league tiffanyjewelryonline, as many as six points behind Barcelona, however, real Madrid in the doldrums in finished rebirth, the team to unite, stimulated the oakley sunglasses largest energy, in a critical century Derby, they away dominant, 3 than 3 tough to Barcelona, and drew with leaders from constantly sends force, eventually reverse Barcelona cheapsuprashoessale after three years of league titles and for the rest of the season, the old successful title rivals Barcelona from "dream team" shrine -chi ceramic iron pull up down and regain the dominance of the la liga.


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