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Post  fidop on Mon Feb 14, 2011 11:20 pm

13 games at home scored 15 goals, home table ranks the second half area, face such typical middle teams are playing so difficult, the other RACES of difficulty is cans be imagined. Against udinese, inter is in advanced 1 the ball the other was coach purses scored three goals in reverse, Juventus, the first half at all without a decent chance, last moment although eto 'o two successive miss good chances to score, but also will play in the ball, coach bags sale don't forget the crossbar then matt rib injury just because no one can change only insists on staying on the field, inter and then playing 11 coach handbags sale 10.In fact, a poorly away almost could be considered as leonardo not long one of his coaching career coaching, tag, AC milan last season came up four league trip to the coach shoes sale will get only 1 wins and two draws 1 negative results, then, though a slight improvement, but the whole season down 19 league jimenez-coach wallet still only 8 victories and five draws and 6 defeats, lost 19 goals in 23 goals. Leonardo with AC milan last season on the road only strikes, respectively is 3 than 0 victory over guccioutlet-mall, and 3 to 2 reversal beat real Madrid, but leave the shame is a lot, such as champions league knockout 0 than four fiasco in Manchester united, and the league last third consecutive away continuous loss to sampdoria, Palermo gucci bags outlet online Genoa.

Leonardo coaching gucci shoes one season + 1 months time, but he is in charge of 23 games themselves away games made just ten victories, but have eight games to fail. Compared to the mourinho, leonardo road record is more gloomy, inter league last season 6 draws nine victories, who gucci sunglasses 33 goals lost four defeats, 19 goals in six champions league away although lost two games, but are lost to the powerful Barcelona, 2008-2009 season is so, the league with 19 victories, four draws wheel 11 four defeats, i.e. leonardo's gucci belt strength sequences, has reached mourinho's inter two years all the league defeat the sum.In the long season want to get away and not to lose is very difficult, but leonardo dicaprio gucci belt sale the road performance is really too terrible, and he is not a good road weaknesses, in inter have very difficult on top of almost will be fatal air max 24-7, because next inter in the league in seven other road to play, including three days after the fiorentina, also meters rand than against AC milan and second-placed napoli, whether in air max 2011 surrender satisfactory answers, will directly determine the nerazzurri's fate. (Cristiano ronaldo fearless courage bold fouled sprint, even air max 2012 all work hard to play on defense, marcello pleased celebrate ran after the goal and absolute substitute Dan stand-in for guard team was safe and make repeatedly reflex save from... air max Spanish war, real Madrid opening 2 minutes less than dismissal dinghai makes casillas, 30 minutes prior to the referee's performances are toryburchhut injustice, but this kind of continuous inspired the reproach of the real Madrid players instead of returning to the hemorrhagic. This hemorrhagic from tenacity, beginning to the tiffanyjewelryonline.

On Saturday evening, a little bit reduce league attention, will energy all in the champions league mentality in France watch Lyon away in saint-etienne battle of jose mourinho, accidentally, however, receive a copy of his "enemies" capulet josiah into the gift: more than long la liga 16 games by winning streak than 1 draw one end, and competitive not only with stubborn flood fighting spirit put their names into the la liga history book, more let this season Primera Liga suspense


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