attacking players incident

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attacking players incident

Post  fidop on Mon Feb 14, 2011 11:13 pm

The Sao Paulo coachoutletstoresale newspaper analysis said, in addition to the body reason from, ronaldo and corinthians club has also spent 2009 the honeymoon, both parties in some problems on the views and opinions more or less still appeared difference. In addition, another more coach purses reason is that last week corinthians in South America liberator cup elimination, lost the Brazilian fans to the team's success discontent, coach bags outlet players cars, to throw stones, good friends team coach roberto carlos because the violence good-by announced in this fans attacking players incident, club lack of effective cheap coach handbags, the player to ronaldo blow is very big also, when he indicated that he would consider retired.Finally, three reasons coach shoes together led to ronaldo decided to terminate half a year in advance with corinthians contract is terminated by retired. Local time on Monday 12 o 'clock 40, corinthians for ronaldo club will coach wallet a special press conference, although in the official level, all sides refused to disclose the details of the conference, but Brazilian media discloses, in this conference, ronaldo will be announced the end of 18 years, career, formally out gucci outlet football

"' this is a difficult gucci bags, but we will fight." leonardo turn this sentence settled on the paper. Beijing time on February 14, inter lost to Juventus after, in less under the condition of the round eight points behind AC milan, again away with premiership champions distance, "the gucci shoes outlet " criticism leonardo fails to bring the pre-match soaring into the real battle, while inter theoretically exist comeback AC milan won the opportunity, also in gucci sunglasses by step to tend to burst.Eto 'o last moments that feet closely is almost gate opportunity, by the Italian media as "is almost all his life the gucci belt easily goal-scoring opportunities", but the cheetah finally escaped buffon, but could not escaped the ruthless posts, and the ball hit the crossbar convulsion, blocking the goal, gucci belt sale the draw even is victory of may, and blocking the inter further pursued the AC milan hope, like the post-match comments air max 24-7 rewind ", "inter lose this game, bring the consequences may be very serious."

Former serie a air max 2011 goalkeeper marchegiani pre-match said: "if inter can beat Juventus and fiorentina, then the championship race] will be really good." In marchegiani forecast, inter if defeated Juventus and fiorentina, then the nerazzurri with AC milan's gap shrinks to air max 2012 two points, in another field meters rand than circumstances, champion of what belongs to milan city which one really become hard to predict. air max, today inter lost to juve, now the gap to eight points, even though inter 3 days, and beat fiorentina in early April rice than just ahead of the rand AC milan, even so, inter still less toryburchhut AC milan two points, still need to see zlatan ibrahimovic, cassano etc the person's complexion, as long as AC milan don't make mistakes, inter tiffanyjewelryonline not realize comeback comeback.

After the winter oakley sunglasses, AC milan 2 times to appear for two consecutive draw state lows, but didn't think in such good chance, under the situation of inter but your mistakes salutes conceded supra shoes opportunity, January AC milan 2 draw, inter road lost to udinese, but this time just to victory over AC milan from 2 consecutive draws twists and go out, inter and lost to juve, again let AC milan to expand the leading chi flat iron.


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