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guarantee the purse

Post  fidop on Mon Feb 14, 2011 11:07 pm

Yields: Wind data show that since 2006, over the past five years the average yield secondary debt base, respectively, 13.39%, 13.14%, 5.98%, through, 6.55%, five consecutive years achieving a stable is income.The more volatile market, investors to having a hedge functional coach purses more favour, which is issued at the beginning of the bond yields stipulated the wallet is undoubtedly steady configuration of first choice. No matter for the young or risk coach bags sale have retirement plan personage, bond fund are the defenders, guarantee the purse in his wallet has been stable income for the rockets. Since coach handbags sale July, CPI bubbly. To control inflation expectations, since February 9th up, financial institutions one-year benchmark interest rates were raised a quarter of a percentage point, other each class benchmark interest rates corresponding adjustment, this is the coach shoes sale bank since October last year since the third rate increase. To fight inflation, cannot leave the asset allocation, but experts say, financial products, investment and financing numerous also needs careful, improve their financial coach wallet skills, beware erroneous zone.

Rabbit to invest in gucci outlet mouse that has only one hole "should be" So-called disinflationary, is actually reduce yields less than the rate of inflation of investment and cash, such as deposits, yields low gucci bags, etc. The central bank 2010 in the fourth quarter savers survey showed, 45.2% of urban residents tend to "more investment (such as buying bond, stock, fund, etc.)," "more investment" replace "more savings" to become the gucci shoes choice of the residents.When rich financial wealth management senior analyst, says JiangJing for ordinary people, real estate, bond, stock class financial products and precious metal is the most common four categories of financial products. But the gucci sunglasses environment, common people is to find a suitable disinflationary product is not easy.2011 rate expectations and market regulation, cheap gucci belt the real estate investment and not the good choice, bond yields would also in response affected, And the Shanghai composite index fell by 2010, 14.31% cumulative in global stock index rose in the rank of third from bottom, The international price of gold is gucci belt sale rush on $1,400 per ounce of historic highs, short-term fluctuation is too big and higher risk and is not suitable for of the gold market no air max 24-7 -term tracking of ordinary people.

"In fact against inflation air max 2011 important is the reasonable allocation of their assets structure, reduce the current assets." graduated from university four years of white-collar lee thoughtful out his money by. From 2007 year on, he bought insurance of share out bonus, annual earnings in 3. air max 2012 % - between 4.25%, such already can prevent inflation, and can guarantee pension and health. Zhou li now again adds the benefit of insurance stocks, consumer inflation shares and some high-end product, luxury goods air max.The bank advanced financial customer manager JinLei that inflation expectations strongly, investors should pay more attention to specify liquidity of asset and profitability. toryburchhut choose indirect hook prices of structural finance products, such as hook consumer, pharmaceutical stocks stock or commodities price funds, Well equipped fund portfolio, such as 70 percent of stock fund, 20% of a bond fund and 10% other funds, Also note that cast surely, lay open investment cost, don't just stare at fund or single short-term finance products.

Appropriate oakley sunglasses can "to protect" assets According to the state council development research center, deputy director of the institute ba shusong financial experts predict that by 2011, inflation will be higher. And at present one-year lump-sum withdrawal, interest rates only 2.75% cheapsuprashoessale lend "situation" is difficult to change in the short term.This means that savings will be worthwhile, monetary spending power at a discount. If the residents in early 2010 conduction brushstroke one-year chi ceramic iron deposit 10,000 yuan


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