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Work Essay

Post  seisei on Wed Jan 19, 2011 1:46 am

The so-called three hundred and sixty five elements, the very best, every job has its shining place, as long as we carefully treated, as long as we do our best, always able to work well, in ordinary dry out the unusual position things, dry line, love line. When you coach outlet online to a certain stage, then you will Fan ran feeling, the scenery here is fine. Work is a tool for human survival; work is the realization of personal dreams, reflecting the value of one platform.

In today's highly competitive society, many people study hard in order to work; to work bite the bullet; to work from their homes, displaced, but also to work selling your soul and body, adulation, and to do some unethical or illegal dealings, interpretation of the various kinds of life. In the end what counts is the work? I think that as long as things are considered proper and coach bags sale work, sitting in the office bright and clean is the work of a small goods shop is to open his own work, urban sanitation is the work of the fields is hard work ... work ... work is no distinction or distinction, there is no difference between levels, only the division is different.
First have to know gratitude. Grateful parents, they gave us life, our feeding and nurturing; Thanksgiving teachers, they teach us knowledge and truth in life, let us conduct themselves in society; grateful people around us selfless help and care; thanks the entire community, thanks to the great coach purses outlet We can in this stable and orderly environment to survive and live, Thanksgiving sun, the earth Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving rain.......

Second, we must know how to cherish. No matter what profession we are engaged in, whether we like it or not, we must do our best. Good job, their own interest, should more properly their own study, to achieve even greater accomplishments. They do not like or do not volunteer work; we should still work hard to do. Very best, as long as we do our best, would get things done well, in the extraordinary position extraordinary things dry out, dry line, love line. When you stick to a coach handbags stage, then you will Fan ran feeling, the scenery here is fine. Finally, was the multi-reflection? When we work, we have to constantly reflect and ask you whether it is suitable for the job, their efforts have, and their own due diligence did not. Our society is enormous; everyone will play a role and assume some responsibility. As long as each of us peace was of mind to do was work, personal one small step for a big country.
This little taste of light changes, I think a lot, does the acid have become bitter with spicy it? I wonder they have such a discovery, but they coach shoes outlet, they found this a bit pointless now found that ridiculous. Looked slightly red, black noodle soup, I actually want to magma to the initiation of the idea of filling his mouth.
Ever attend reddish mouth numb, pick up the bowl to drink, and I think this is a practice of self-abuse, my mind is full of little things happened recently, once a week to Shaun Kei Wan, winning the prize, the recent father psychosis attacks regarding his mother, last night received the results of their own disappointments, until today, I eat a bowl of hot and sour face was bitter ... ... Unfortunately, because I did not find the emotional resonance and allow the coach wallet outlet of some kind, just the idea of theory of collapse, and now I find that only make themselves more pain. To eat to eat half of the face, and I could not take the heat of magma, that hot with the acidity level, but can not stand the bitterness that suddenly licking the air. As I am also a little stand, and now the plot of life messy, it seems that all directions of the pressure down in the body, called the set of the burden of heavy armor, mental and physical exhaustion interest me how to get it?


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