Sad hot and sour noodles

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Sad hot and sour noodles

Post  seisei on Wed Jan 19, 2011 1:45 am

Particularly cold night saying, the average temperature in urban areas only 9 degrees! Of course, be regarded as warm temperatures in the mainland, in Hong Kong this subtropical area, are relatively cold weather. People wearing heavy on the pavement jacket, Kazakhstan with the warm white gas, gas rubbed his hands Oh handed his mouth, to ensure that warm out to do magic. I remember the end of the street corner with a Yunnan and Sichuan noodle, itching want to eat hot pot coach outlet online to warm the stomach, but it is run into the busy time of 7:30, indoor already full, only find a new election.

Spicy noodle shop nearby home, called the sad side hot and sour. And just listen to its name, has felt exactly the same souls, they immediately go past the street, marching to the noodle shop. Unfortunately, around dinner time, full, even this usually sold only outside the pasta shop, now also placed outside the four or five tables for, coach bags outlet is sold out; we can imagine the pasta from Chongqing and more subject to winter in Hong Kong welcome. I do not see a coming home empty-handed, so take away the bowl away.
Patronize the store is reflected in its strong surface acidity unique; only want to try a second time. The last to eat in May last year, I passed the store to be eye-catching yellow red signs attract, naturally, the phrase slogan: "acid to the drooling, hot to tears," this is also why I do not know when specific thoughts and coach purses outlet
. I guess the unknown is not correct; people will naturally find some resonance with the heart of some kind, then let the heart doubly depressed level until the moment of emotional burst, is mentally and physically relieve the Yi Shay. Surface buy a home, nineteen are not too expensive, used to be fifteen, it seems the situation of price inflation does affect the daily lives also came.

Accompanied face home side the first time they put out, watching the clear plastic bowl, revealed a molten lava-like hot pepper, such as onion and garlic soup, watching the translucent layers of flour Diego curled into existence, such as coach handbags outlet snake lurking in the flame dragon, will be set to surge out of the lid. However, did not reveal the snake dragon, but it is a large share of volatile acidity Under Jaures tears, that I be removed is less than. Surface covered with the green dot the blood-red pepper soup, but also the degree of spicy, but this soup the color of terror have been felt, and then can not imagine how big the child of the spicy level is. Nose getting used to be sour, I do not resist the next chopsticks, first clip those scattered around the peanuts. This side of the seasoning is simple, tasty roasted peanuts; celery, onions, chives and other coach shoes outlet for chili oil dip, did not seem to eat up the taste of their own, and be an even more intense paralysis of the throat and let the acid tongue spicy coverage. Therefore, not only the tongue is not only hot and sour taste, the mouth is also a little touch paralysis. The no contact with eyes, was mouth, tongue stimulation also because at the moment full of tears Akira.
Really is a well-deserved reputation ah! What a sad face hot and sour, light soup with the ingredients let my big boy to tears. Spicy little cough and the feeling of the throat, and this is the extent of the spicy, hot and look like that big situation? The new arrivals coach are slippery like a snake body, despite what the shuttle pick up the chopsticks, the folder was still not stable, and instantly gave it slipping into the bowl. But it has told me to eat noodles brow micro fold, how to eat noodles with a soup, in addition to other spicy with strong acids, and how a little bit bitter?


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