Eternal Battle

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Eternal Battle

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Years ago, my colleagues and I came together in the "Liao Corridor" City of Heroes - Jinzhou. Shocked the world and visited the "Liaoning-Shenyang Campaign Memorial", which I've learned through the exhibition that the last of a campaign, let me once again feel that great heroic epic battle many. I remember, or in the primary school, fourth grade to three coach outlet online tragic and a great battle. However, it is just a description of textbooks and hearing the character asks, unable to recognize and understand that the cruelty of war and intense. Gradually with time to go, was the years the ages. I often take the opportunity to go out, has visited thousands of miles of the Huainan Campaign Memorial, Tianjin Campaign Memorial Hall. Greatly benefit from saw and heard, while in the territory of the province, "Liaoning-Shenyang Campaign Memorial" is long overdue pay homage.
Memorial Hall, whole building giving a magnificent, rugged heavy and was solemn sense of admiration. Above the main entrance are like a Chinese-style my favorite coach bags
, stood on both sides of a tall Optimums Prime, brow Marshal Ye Jitneying, the top is the inscription: "Liaoning-Shenyang Campaign Memorial Hall." Face is a towering monument inscribed with Zhu De CEOs personally wrote the "immortal revolutionary martyrs Liaoning-Shenyang Campaign," laced with gold characters. The top of the tower is a left hand gun, hand rallying cry of the warrior statue, a symbol of revolutionary fighter’s danger, the heroic spirit of sacrifice.
When both feet into the hall, unconsciously felt legs wildly as were lead heavy, shortness of breath also went up, coach purses outlet, thumping, thumping sound in the heartbeat, as if it really was exposure to war-torn, battle the smoke being. As we walked slowly moving guides that explain in full of affection, as officers and men who clank vows, deeply infected with each of the visitors come to visit.

In the tall and spacious hall, the face is a large-scale relief work "coach handbags from original." I examined to try to figure out and discover she is a topographic map as a creative theme Northeast, Northeast skillfully Chairman Mao Zedong and the head of the PLA main picture, vivid, concise image of the melting plastic in the Northeast this sacred territory. Signifying the older generation of revolutionaries, Chairman Mao was Zedong and China's first big battle - Liaoning-Shenyang Campaign, to pay for all.

At this moment, a desperate was state of mind to me into the War Museum. Ease the display of dignified form of genuine and coach shoes in the original articles of the contrast, the everywhere pervades the endless smoke and ear-splitting sound of gunfire. From Prelude to the beginning of the first exhibition of war to the second hall of the counterinsurgency fight cold, and the third exhibition hall Sipping Warhead, our army has fully demonstrated the strategic defensive to the great turning point in the strategic offensive, in particular in military equipment, has carried out in the end with the puppet conditions. Starting from the fourth hall, Jinzhou battle, and that is the key battle of the Liaoning-Shenyang Campaign, with plenty of real tanks, artillery, mortars, light machine guns and a variety of military equipment, together with the copy of the drawing board walls and huge picture, people have witnessed the war left us one by one realistic scenes of people coach wallet outlet the war, the endless thinking and left us a rare imagination.  Panorama Memorial Museum is the most characteristic Liaoning-Shenyang Campaign, large-scale comprehensive art galleries. It painting, sculpture, scenery, lighting, lightning, and other integrated sound and light to a perfect art form to show the "Liaoning-Shenyang Campaign," the authenticity and operability, it is known as China's first three-dimensional panorama galleries.


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