Winter is a season of power savings

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Winter is a season of power savings

Post  seisei on Wed Jan 19, 2011 1:43 am

Hot face, and then back to the sun, backs that warm feeling comfortable speechless said. The wind and snow is fuller of warm weather warmth. Evening or with family or with friends sitting around the hearth, the chopsticks to pick food within the soft white tofu coach outlet online, with smooth vermicelli, green was vegetables, pink meat. Eat our body heat, eat hot, our hearts.
Wind outside the window will only make us feel even more Langue concentrated warmth, affection deep. Reduction in bed sleep in the afternoon on a sense, this is only a taste of winter sleep only ah. Winter is a season of power savings. If the spring is to make happy and shy, romantic and warm summer makes autumn people mature and stable, then the winter it - winter and the forces gathered in the cold soil, gathered in the skinny branches, gathered under the snow dormant seeds, and even the roar of the river, that the original silence.
But everyone knows that rest is not an end, it does not mean death! Low life stand in the winter might be the soul of the Peak and the coach bags outlet on the language. Any grievance will be the wind; the rough winter will make you cool, and make you tough! Winter silence will encourage you to give you confidence! Standing in the winter wilderness on the volley and off the birds look cold, cold heart of winter burning a whole. You would think the hot volcanic magma, thunder and lightning flash floods under the Pentium, and that "Discus Thrower" Wang Li sculpture seems to have eyes.
Winter is still a breeding season of life. If summer is the grace graceful, heavy make-up of young girls, then winter is the birth mother of the great love of Chi Mei. Walking in the winter wilderness, just as the face of pregnant mothers, on the minds filled with a coach purses outlet, the beauty of the great and selfless touched us. "Cold on the frost was and snow, silent anti-winter. Leaves keep the spirit of spring to be ready." Is not it? Decorative flowers in winter decline, reject green foil, it is because she wholeheartedly gave birth to the colorful vitality of spring. When the spring thunder exploding was soon, they gave birth in winter. Then quietly faded into winter, spring is the regeneration and continuation of the winter, spring is new life after winter groups broke silence.
Avoid the grief, the parent’s kind and soft of mind this life lead us into the light path, still inspire me heart is assured before the line in the chaos of earth. Just like life, mostly alone as partners, the vicissitudes of life to drink. And I, but used to forget in a turn in the chaos of this world, everything Feiffer. Solid step fleeting was made the joys and sorrows. In this most difficult year, pay tribute to him, and learn to finish the work, has become a required course in life. Life, said the last, the simple to the life and death than the word.
Dangerous cross in front of humanity, in the interests of the family UNIX before fission, but can not face life in the face of injury and pain before the inevitable, often heart upset. I will try to think of the song home and see the snow in May the parents look at the good of this life. Thus, the pursuit of lasting was peace of mind and the indifferent. As the lights dim down gradually, from a coach shoes sale of shots from far, Han Shushing, explosions, the thunder of the motor come and go people have a camel immersive illusion. No time, lightning flashes, a seat for a round of smoke rising towers. Sometimes, Di Ad to enter the trumpet accompanied by was the cries, exciting, encouraging, as if to inspire people to struggle and to fight. When the lights gradually brighter, I like to walk out from the battlefield, was I once again for this unique art form tracks. It is an extremely vivid, realistic approach to the modern reproduction of 50 years ago, that shocked the world to fight Liao hen thrilling battle scenes. Out of the Panorama Museum, coach wallet outlet I shook him”dirt", boarded the return of the car.


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