Taste of Winter

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Taste of Winter

Post  seisei on Wed Jan 19, 2011 1:43 am

I read a lot of ancient and modern poetry praising the spring and autumn while the summer or winter to less praise, especially in winter. Maybe I'm ignorant, Song Dong's article and a lot less simply because the reason I read it. In any case I prefer winter and spring, the beauty of a spring, flowers, the joy of spring, but this beauty is the kind of gorgeously dressed young girl's beauty, too tender and beautiful, too compelling, too adrift of the. Summer there summer color, coach outlet online of flowers, Sen. Yu woods, but the U.S. is too warm, too romantic. Voice of a fall in autumn, falling shortage leaves, red maple, but the United States, reveals the breath of sadness, with sadness the mean, easy to make people read it slowly and sad Yin. Only in winter, both masculine and the powerful of the gas, there are plain, simple, dignified beauty. When the bid farewell to the first leaf of autumn, when the mother tree, my eyes fixed in Shavian, the heart will look into the distance through time and space in winter's shadow and wait for the arrival of winter.
Winter is the great beauty of the season. Its beauty reflected in its true and pure. I love the winter, the first true love is its nature and not contrived. It does not bother to use flowers to decorate also, to cover them. "Ying Hue Goo Yan-moa and Thick Mountain is coach bags outlet the illusion of heaven and earth; Mazurka dries off the stone cliffs lean, I only see the truth of heaven and earth." Is not it? Look at the mountains in winter, elimination of the red, faded green, not the least bit frivolous colors; it put a real show in front of you own.
Winter beauty is also reflected in its perfect fusion of bone and force the kind of a different kind of beauty. Goo Xi's "Landscape was training" that "Summer Mountains green and drop, was Tangshan and gloomy sleep." If you're more into the mountains in the winter walk, you will feel that true Tangshan, quiet, desolate coach purses outlet is how humbling.
Then there is rock, not a dense plant cover, solitary peak without reliance, rugged and abrupt, or black or white, its dignified simplicity and plain truth, then the strength of the rock kind of very profound beauty. As some of stone, in most people's eyes may be a seductive stone useless without it, but in the eyes of the artist may be the beauty of the pole, is highly appreciate the value of art. Found in the eyes of the United States is the need to discover, and to the United States coach handbags outlet a heart of wisdom is not appreciated.
Another example is the immensity of the desert, no people, no trees, no rivers, only the sallow same color of the desert, but the contours of flow lines, one color can you say beautiful? Ma Shauna "Autumn Thoughts", and why coach shoes the centuries of time and space is still deeply affecting the people? Because in a heartbroken man against the background of a large desolate existence - the vast field of winter, strong cold, dark Kiting, bare trees, faint crow, you have a Yin, King of a now, you separate in the wilderness, and what feelings it can not be immersed in your blood? Perhaps all the deep, philosophical thinking is the vast and desolate some tragic Yen in the soil it? "PC World Wing boat, fishing alone trees and snow" does not also because of "a thousand coach wallet outlet bird must, million tracks were off track" as the background of students clearing odd, empty, lonely, simple beauty of it? Which the United States how many people can understand and appreciate! Winter is the season of warmth makes people feel. Do not look hot in summer, but will only make people annoyed; not to mention cold winter, but it makes people feel deep warmth. Sit Street say it, difficult to sit Street, four in August, to cool shade, sun to heat. In winter, the sun without the wind a good day to sit down and easily finds the sun, while it was warm.


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