Solid step fleeting, who made the joys and sorrows

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Solid step fleeting, who made the joys and sorrows

Post  seisei on Wed Jan 19, 2011 1:42 am

This winter, different kind of cold, the promise is in the south it! Although the deep of winter, can be luxuriantly growing on the window is still flourishing with trees, green with. Leisure in the afternoon without sunshine, the winter cold is coach outlet onlinerampant in this southern town. New Year period, with a little haze in the sky Xingu snow particles and continued for several days of freezing rain the next. Sichuan and the temperature dropped lower and lower so; straight down to an historical low. Southern winter, the outdoor temperature is cold clear how cold the room temperature is so. Get out of the heating and air conditioning, but it will make people feel that Mo from the dry eyes.

Origin, Shoo rainy and winter rain beats hard light in such a torrential coach bags sale rain season momentum form. Although the weather forecast said it might usher in the new year so the first Snow, Salsa triumphantly in the winter rain, it seems, not until it was clear the joy of a dense hexagonal petals lightly, and that field winter rain, but In my field of vision has been inadvertently halted the. Cold wind blew the window, but I still stick in a person's world. Thoughts, it seems due to the winter cold and stagnant. This winter, do not remember how long there is no longer an online graffiti text. CSU is because each cycle of eye diseases in winter, the promise is because the coach purses of a pair of cold little fingers can not be difficult to flexion and extension. I rarely stay in front of the screen, calling for friends seldom respond. Perhaps off-grid for a long time to get used to it slowly diffuses the light of all the Web alienation. To start the day his mother passed away had the pleasure, once with the Friends of the heartless world that laugh and frolic. Stop at all the snow that ended the grief of a burning front, and now I, have no intention of others and try to speculate how the speculation, I just want to Changing time in the moment, I just want to corner a man alone coach handbags outlet silence, nothing more.

In this silence, it seems that only once the head turn the New Year, time flies fast! Blink of an eye and her mother has left us more than a year. To start the day her mother left in this world, no parent figure to be found, no kindly pro Chongjin the left and right of asylum.

Mother died of the pain and ruthless family home here has given me this life fission the most painful, the most fatal blow. And also in this year, in the endless nightmare of wound and disease, I learned to grow up slowly, slowly mature. Once was ... ... all to coach shoes outlet return.

Desert sorrow than disheartened, that time, the sad death of his mother has been totally soaked bite pain every inch of my nerves. Sad irony is partial premeditated trick that should Yen was born at that time. Disdain, although this can be paid more than ten years, ten years of good faith was at that moment was the face of merciless killers ...... this, many tears, less than already dried out, and many would say is less than dumb silence in chest. Solid step fleeting too hurt, pain before, loved, hated. The life of all phenomena of minor and miscellaneous pet, all the long course of time will slowly melt, retired. The face of earth to do with Africa, have to learn to try to coach wallet are always in the front of fashion trend all the incomprehensible things, endure all the pain unbearable, forgive the unforgivable that people let go of those things this is not his own. So many, but not compete, but can also make a heavy heart to let go slightly beyond easy. I remember have seen this passage: "Heaven and earth have great beauty, in simple get along; life with great fatigue, in the complex at the reservoir." I aspire to, but a cool and quiet fills the heart.


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