Long live the motherland

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Long live the motherland

Post  seisei on Wed Jan 19, 2011 1:42 am

October, autumn, people in the joy of reaping the rich fruits of the harvest inventory of the rich, singing in the tribute to the hard work of the people, and our great motherland. Singing all the way, all the way to joy, for a time passed sixty of the Republic of the spring and autumn.
Fragrance of flowers for you, for your pigeons flying, fireworks for you to bloom, people celebrate the great motherland in the sixty-year-hold’s birthday and excited jubilation. Storm rolling centuries, centuries wind and thunder storming, Revolution of the roar of cannons, knocking the stubborn barriers of feudal society, coach outlet online the Three Principles of the ideas in the direction of historical progress, constantly revised with the communist revolution of the voyage, cruise on the South Lake new hope has been born.
The First shot Nanchang Uprising, the Autumn Harvest Uprising of the flag flying, blood on the mighty Jinggangshan, the Long March road fought the flames of anti-Japanese blood in the passionate, tenacious struggle against the liberation war, the victory was finally ushered in the dawn of the Republic. Half a century carved polished, half a century of r No.1 coach outlet in the world journey, and finally in the hands of the people to complete a historical masterpiece, a big howl giant's Republic of China in the East stand, opened a new era in history. People become the masters, belonging to the working class from their own national entity.
Generations will not forget the birthday of the Republic of the mother, the great leader Chairman Mao in 1949 solemnly declared: "The PRC was established." Chinese people have a thousand years out of slavery, a hundred years of humiliation, since then, more colorful flag of the Republic, Republic of blood more Tang, the pace of the Republic is more sonorous.
Republic has http://www.online-coachoutlet.com/coach-purses-c-66.html twists and turns, but also tells of the ups and downs in advance, how much wind and frost blowing, how much heat the test of nerve, of the Republic who is constantly correcting his course. Blood and tears were breaking through, scarred over, melancholy lament over, and finally disperse the haze Gang Fang, mighty tide of history, history of the Republic and write a new chapter.
One side of the elderly in the South China Sea gently draw a circle, the East wind blows the spring, since reform and opening up the blueprint drawn, the opening of the Chinese coach handbags outlet sing the story of spring. Pudding New Area, opened the mind to the world, Pearl of the Orient in the glittering backdrop of the world's shining glory, the Bonsai New Area in Saline beach where they stand, the Bahia Economic Rim sounded the horn development and opening up, Chinese people have entered a new era. Two rivers in the Southwest District has laid the foundation stone on this land, the great Chinese nation, the pace of a firm national rejuvenation, the great rejuvenation of Chinese nation footsteps sounded loud in the east of the world. 61 years of revolutionary passion, enthusiasm 30 years of reform, making the Chinese people once again coach shoes outlet in the nations of the world.
61-year trek, 61 Fruitful years, was 61-year ambition. Each of our sons and daughters are in love with the Republic, in love with this piece of Chinese fertile soil beneath our feet, in love with our great motherland. We grow up in your feed, and you enjoy the ups and downs together, to share with you the glory reputation. Tangshan and We chuan, Kyushu, Zhou the earth was moving, earth shattering, the Yangtze, Yellow, Hoagie and Liao he rivers Pentium, torrential floods, and frequent coach wallet outlet
, suffering numerous sons and daughters united, united as one, we are calm in a disaster response, we with the defeat of the Republic of suffering, we show in the country in chaos in the hero.


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