With heart to heart communication

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With heart to heart communication

Post  seisei on Wed Jan 19, 2011 1:41 am

With heart to heart communication, students will be able to understand the inner world. Students felt their teachers respect and care. They are willing to put their own ideas, aspirations, demands, confusion tell you that the teacher's care and respect, tolerance and understanding, the teacher's help and explanation. Education is the heart and heart of the original exchange. "Minimalist taste of water, phase swing is into ripples; stone of the no fire coach outlet online on the hit Emmanuel." Communication, not just a term, but should be a real education and teaching new behavior.
Education and teaching has always been a heart to heart communication process. Teacher education and teaching process is the interaction, the process of spiritual communication and common development, is that teachers and students in the course of dealing between heart and heart of this unique situation, students get emotional experience and perception of life, will gain knowledge and skills matter of course. In this way, students can really shine with life and passion to inspire confidence in learning, the coach bags outlet of healthy psychology of learning, more active colleagues approached teachers to explore. Emotional impact the students mind, so that students have a strong resonance, whom infection, inspire, intoxicated.
A dedication song Dedication is the bounden duty of teachers, "holding a heart, without semi-blades of grass to" ordinary people as a teacher, will be able to hold peace of mind, from the trivial, set an example with a noble character, clean the coach purses sale, kind of attitude, rich knowledge, broad mind to prove himself worthy of the title of teachers, with their selfless dedication, worthy of the job under the sun in the title!
Choose is to choose the noble teaching profession, teaching profession will select the students selected the selfless dedication, and selfless devotion to the students their coach handbags from original, enthusiasm of the students give their love, even at a critical time for students dedicated their life. Dedication of teachers should be sincere dedication and selfless dedication, the noble sacrifice. Dedication of teachers like wads the torch burning in no regrets. Dedication of teachers is paid, excluding fame and fortune. Dedication of teachers was more like a prolonged song, always echoing in the mountains and rivers. Sacrifice is coach shoes outlet, we need to dedicate the motherland; needs we offer; youth is limited, limited youth are looking forward to your contributions. As a teacher, is singing of life, life in the practice?
The lives of teachers to the continuation of the student body, teachers, and the value can be reflected in the student body, teachers, charisma can infect the students, which require dedication! "Please send your grease, endless flows to earth, the end of the tower a consolation flowers, forming a happy fruit" This is the spirit of praise Candle, Candle people of teachers compared to that teacher's duty is to sacrifice for students, the hope for the motherland, for the future of small family we are making contributions.
At that time, we actually talk about what I not coach wallet outlet just remember the atmosphere was nice and warm - that wall of red, shiny fire, tea and smoke the warm, sweet snacks. Our conversation, such as stream flow, flow quietly, murmuring to flow. Floor across that light green curtains, cold night outside, cold, and indoor and warm, such as the spring in March. We like to play, so to talk about, I do not know how deep the night, there are more than cold. This leisurely mood, only to wait until next year's Spring Festival.
Until the clock struck zero, such as the Lonely Eye you like the sound of fireworks and firecrackers in a dispersed. How can I do not like the holidays?


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