Sun, the snow is soft flowing

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Sun, the snow is soft flowing

Post  seisei on Wed Jan 19, 2011 1:40 am

Snow day, the some of the cold, it does not matter. Look at the general flow of fire lines, and Lang, the laughter, the girl is turning Taxies dress lightly, indulge in the beauty of the snow. I finally believe that the world of snow, the temperature is not important, manners make coach outlet online happier. Read the illusion of snow from the back to reality, more bright midday sun outside the window. Sun, the snow is soft flowing. When the snow moisture throughout the world, when is the spring as the Iraqis had.
This said a few days are the Mid-Autumn Festival in the country to send Boxing fashion. I did not realize the full moon night the girl really came, gave me a case of fine wine, food packs and give so much to the old wife, actually Nongjiachengzhen out. Gift at your fingertips, I had to accept. Especially the old wife was a bit agitated, saying that recognition to my favorite coach bags it, once this thing to tell her daughter, said her sister playing one more help. The girl also made his return in another public ceremony was held his lover was still working abroad. I am just very easy-going to deal with, and then I'll look you right in front of her, but my personality a little bit strong, since it is his daughter, you do not object to my advice to you, including your children. Ha-ha, as if headed out of style.
Mercifully the girl smiled, I just want to please you always demanding for me, I can learn something from you. I said the key is your own rack their brains to stir up the burden of Folk Song in South Gate, and you called me the south gate of the fifth generation of the well-known folk song coach purses outlet of people.

Casual and recognize the pro ceremony Adoring I feel weight on my shoulders. To be honest, great-grandfather started our family there from a folk complex, I had already had the memory, the old man's voice is like bells far and near have a name, say to the grandmother generation, more transmission development. Grandma can be said to not coach handbags outlet a word, he can sing a continuous received the first few hours of narrative singing folk songs, like a novel, then, a connected one, I do not know where did she come from, but unfortunately I was also not adults, has not yet begun collecting documentation of attention.
And to my mother, is well known for the golden voice, when the production team planting, sowing songs she sang Yangchow day and have a sweet charm, as well as oral improvisation creative genius. On to my love songs later, not only their singing, but also fond of folk songs, folk songs as the main representative of the south gate successors, South Gate has become a folk provincial intangible cultural heritage, many people say that I have the mantle. For the transmission of traditional culture made a contribution to the local.

But my two children, but why not live up to expectations, they have no love songs, and are currently Laotaibuxiao, working out, subsistence living, could not have been taken into account folk songs. Right now I have nearly sixties, seeing to the retirement age, the folk tradition has become a big problem down the disease, did not expect to have this dry her fingertips, but it can also be called home Sichuan, Did not think she'd take the trouble, pragmatic spirit of the coach wallet outlet study, there are hard endurance, more concert basis, through her humbly ask for help, has learned with the old singers have twenty first folk music, the performance of the water chamber is basically charm take place, performing with ease, going to participate in the exchange award winning performances.


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