What you doing for hallowickid

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What you doing for hallowickid

Post  Juggaloco420 on Sun Oct 03, 2010 9:33 am

What are all of you guy doing for hallowickid this year
me myself plan on getting shitfaced at the bar we have a blast going all painted and the such as twiztid said hallowickid is the only day i feel i can bemyself (that be true without all the norms looking at you funny fuck em) i go out painted all the time but then again for most of us here in junction we are the norms theres around 1000+ los/lettes here its one big ass hallowickid party you never see that much of the fam gather up in one place unless of course a concert comes in tech n9ne was here last weekend that was a blast hella fun and got tore up,fucked up, and high as fuck that night

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